We offer guided tours of our historic hat factory, which is located in the city of Borlänge's city centre. Our well-preserved and vibrant museum was selected as this Year's an industrial heritage in 2006.

During the show, we'll talk about how it all began, in 1885, as well as the progress made since that time.

The tour takes 90 minutes and includes a coffee and cake, as well as the opportunity to shopping in our factory outlet. The factory tour needs to be booked in advance and the cost is 200 SEK per person.

The minimum number of guests per show is 5 persons, we reserve the right, thus, for any set of views. We will notify you 48 hours prior to the event that it were to occur.

Book your tour here

For larger groups, and businesses:

We are happy to take large groups of companies and associations. For more information, please contact us at cth@cthericson.se.

We offer the guided factory tours during September-June, but not during July and August.

 CTH Ericson Fabriksmuseum