Laura Pique White
Laura Pique White
Laura Pique White

Laura Pique White


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Damkeps med stor skärm som skyddar mot solen.


  • Färg: Vit
  • Extra stor skärm
  • Reglerbar för att passa perfekt
  • Tillverkad av 100 % Bomull
  • Ofodrad
  • 30 grader fintvätt
  • Sydd i Polen

        To measure your hat size, wrap a tape measure around your head just above your ears. The tape should fit comfortably – not too tight. Round up to the nearest size.

        If you have no tape measure, you can measure with a string, which you then measure with a ruler.

        Head Size (cm) Head Size (Inch) Generic Hat Size
        54    21 1/4 XS
        55    21 5/8 S
        56    22    S
        57    22 1/2 M
        58 22,75 M
        59    23 1/4 L
        60    23 5/8 L
        61    24    XL
        62    24 1/2 XL
        63    24 3/4 XXL

        The baseball cap is probably the type of cap that people use the most today. It began to be used in the early 20th century to protect baseball players from the sun and has since become a very strong popular cultural symbol. It is made up of several sewn-together pieces of fabric, but has a tighter fit and a larger screen than, for example, the Newsboy cap.