Lila Halsduk i Harris Tweed, Tweedhalsduk
Purple Scarf in Harris Tweed, Lila Schal
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Edgar Harris Tweed Lavender

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A classic Scarf in 100% pure wool, made from the finest Harris Tweed fabric.

Detailed information:

  • Color: Purple
  • Made of 100 % wool
  • Dry clean only

Harris Tweed cloth is handwoven by islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.

To measure your hat size, wrap a tape measure around your head just above your ears. The tape should fit comfortably – not too tight. Round up to the nearest size.

If you have no tape measure, you can measure with a string, which you then measure with a ruler.

Head Size (cm) Head Size (Inch) Generic Hat Size
54    21 1/4 XS
55    21 5/8 S
56    22    S
57    22 1/2 M
58 22,75 M
59    23 1/4 L
60    23 5/8 L
61    24    XL
62    24 1/2 XL
63    24 3/4 XXL