Oscar Jr. Slub Kakhi
Oscar Jr. Slub Kakhi
Oscar Jr. Slub Kakhi
Emilmössa, Seglarmössa, Vegamössa för barn - Oscar Jr. - CTH MINI
Emilmössa, Seglarmössa, Vegamössa för barn - Oscar Jr. - CTH Ericson

Oscar Jr. Slub Kakhi

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Klassisk Emilmössa, Skepparmössa, Vegamössa för barn, tillverkad i bomull och linne.


  • Färg: Kakhi
  • Mjuk skärm
  • Tillverkad av 55 % Bomull, 45% Linne
  • Justerbart spänne med kardborre baktill.
  • Tillverkad i Polen
  • 30 grader fintvätt

To measure the hat size, wrap a tape measure around the head just above the ears. The tape should fit comfortably – not too tight. Round up to the nearest size. 

If you have no tape measure, you can measure with a string, which you then measure with a ruler.

Size (cm) Approximate age
42 0-4 months
44 4-6 months
46 6-9 months
48 9-18 months
50 1.5-2 years
52 2-3 years
54 3-6 years
56 6 years and older

The Fiddler cap is called Vega cap in Sweden. The Fiddler cap began to be used in the military in the 19th century, and it was used by the sailors on board the ship Vega during the Vega expedition gave rise to the name and made the model generally popular around the turn of the last century.

The Vega expedition 1878–1880 under the leadership of Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld was the first expedition that found and sailed the entire Northeast Passage and became a great scientific success.

The Fiddler cap has many names like Vega cap, Greek Fisherman's cap, Mariner's cap, Breton cap, Navy cap, Skippers cap or Elbsegler but the basic shape is the same.

CTH Ericson has been manufacturing Fiddler, Vega and Mariner's cap since the last century, and many call our caps the Swedish original