Donegal tweed Herringbone Camel Newsboy cap
The Humble cap
Donegal tweed Big apple cap in brown
The Humble cap by Sihel Sinash
8 piece oversized Newsboy cap in tweed
Donegal Tweed Salt & Pepper Black Newsboy cap
Oversized Newsboy cap in Donegal Tweed Salt & Pepper Black
Black tweed Big apple cap
The Humble cap by @thehumbledapper

The Humble cap

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The Humble cap is an 8 piece oversized "big apple" cap, and has a has a roomy fit compared to contemporary Newsboy caps. Handcrafted in Sweden using a heavy Donegal Tweed Herringbone Camel and Salt & Pepper Black fabric from the weaver Magee 1866.

Words from the designer Sihel Sinash, aka @thehumbledapper

"I wanted to bring you something unique with a true vintage feel crafted with respect to the newsboy cap heritage and its principals.

This cap style is by far my favorite and has been part of my ensembles ever since I started on my classic style journey back in 2019. You are rarely going to find an outfit of mine where this cap is absent. I particularly like the "big apple” crown combined with a slightly shorter and stiffer brim which accentuates the ovetsized top even more.

This particular style is hard to come along these days so I decided to design my own knowing that many out there just like me, have been hopelessly searching. I am absolutely proud of finally bringing you this product.

Crafted with the highest care to detail and quality, this is my very own homage to the baker boy hat, many call it a newsboy cap or paperboy cap. This one right here is the ”Humble Cap” which comes in two different styles. The camel donegal tweed with shades of green, yellow, rust, powder blue and brown or the cream and black tweed with shades of blue and brown. 

This hat style pairs extra well when topping off long overcoats with wide shoulders bringing harmony and balance to your upper body area. Pair it with a tweed sport coat and jeans to create a casual yet refined rugged look. These two colors are what I found to be the most versatile choices when creating my outfits, they work really well with all earthy tones but also lighter or darker shades. The cap will more than surely get you addicted to wearing it and will top off any look with an oomph and attitude. 

I am absolutely humbled to share this with the world and looking forward to see you rocking it! Make sure to tag me on instagram with your best looks wearing the hat and use #thehumbledapper when doing so. I will make sure to share it on my plattorm. My friends this is The Humble Cap "

The Humble cap is made to order and has a delivery time of 4 weeks.

 Detailed information:

  • Designed by: Sihel Sinash 
  • Made to order
  • Color: Brown or Black
  • 8 piece oversized crown
  • Donegal Tweed is made of 100% wool from Irish weaving mill Magee in 1866.
  • Herringbone Camel has a green lining in vintage polyester quilt.
  • Salt & Pepper Black has a balck lining in vintage polyester quilt.
  • Large peak connected in the front with a single snap button.
  • Dry clean only
  • Made in Sweden

    Magee 1866 - a fifth-generation Irish family business with over 150 years’ experience in designing, weaving and tailoring luxurious fabrics in Donegal.

    Magee was founded 1866 on handwoven tweed when John Magee first established a small drapers shop in Donegal, Ireland. This hardwearing, course fabric was handwoven across Donegal by part-time fishermen and farmers as the perfect fabric for dissipating the damp and cold weather, so often found in North-west Ireland.

    The weaving mill in Donegal Town, on the banks of the River Eske, is still the beating heart of everything at Magee. A tweed from Magee is made to stand the test of time. Their dedication to slow fashion is just one of the ways we hope to protect our future for generations to come.

     Donegal Tweed


    To measure your hat size, wrap a tape measure around your head just above your ears. The tape should fit comfortably – not too tight. Round up to the nearest size.

    If you have no tape measure, you can measure with a string, which you then measure with a ruler.

    Head Size (cm) Head Size (Inch) Generic Hat Size
    54    21 1/4 XS
    55    21 5/8 S
    56    22    S
    57    22 1/2 M
    58 22,75 M
    59    23 1/4 L
    60    23 5/8 L
    61    24    XL
    62    24 1/2 XL
    63    24 3/4 XXL

    This product is made in Sweden and built on a tradition that started already in the year 1885, when Carl Theodor Ericson, fourth generation hat maker, founded the C.Th Ericsons Hat Factory in Borlänge, Sweden. 

    Over the years, CTH’s high-quality headwear would become a part of Swedish cultural and industrial heritage. Today, almost 140 years later, we are still a family business, our hats are still manufactured by hand and we are still creating modern classics for future generations.

    Not much has changed, really. And in that we take a lot of pride.

    Svensktillverkning av kepsar

    The name comes from the boys who worked selling newspapers on the streets in the late 19th century. In the UK, the model was called Baker Boy cap, but the truth is that the cap was used by more than just "Newsboys" and "Bakerboys". All men, especially from the working class, could wear this type of cap during the heyday of the early 20th century.

    The Newsboy cap has a rounder, more generous and bolder shape than, for example, a Flat cap. The iconic shape of the cap is sewn from eight pieces of fabric and has a button in the middle.

    Our caps have a handmade quality and timeless style. We always start from traditional shapes, patterns and materials and then adapt them to a contemporary expression.

    Why is it called Newsboy cap

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